Ariel Freeman - Biography

Ariel Freeman is an artist and nurse practitioner who lives and paints in northern Virginia.  

My life took me in many directions, none in art.  But everywhere I looked, I would see paintings. I picked up a paintbrush in 2002 and was hooked.  As a nurse and artist, I have long appreciated the relationship between creative expression, health and well-being.  Through art we find connectedness, to ourselves and others. When we move slowly and observe, moments reveal themselves. I work primarily in watercolor and oil, and for the past few years have began the practice of "daily painting".  Not every day, but most days, as a way to maintain momentum and embrace the process of creative discovery.

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Exhibiting daily:

 Art First Gallery Fredericksburg, VA

LibertyTown Arts Fredericksburg VA.

The Rock House Antiques in Greenville, SC.

Thank you friends and supporters of art and all things beautiful!

  • 2024 - Historic Garden Tour, Fredericksburg VA

    2023 - "The Dailies", Solo Exhibit, Art First Gallery, Fredericksburg VA

    2021 - "Nesting Habits", Art First Gallery, Fredericksburg, VA

    2018 - "People, Places, and a Few Everyday Things", Solo Exhibit Art First Gallery, Fredericksburg, VA

    2015 - “Art and Poetry”, Waterstreet Studio Galleries, Fredericksburg, VA

    2014 - ‘Pastel Unleashed’, Maryland Pastel Society, The Mansion at the Strathmore, MD

    2013 - ‘A Sense of Place’, The Dennis & Phillip Ratner Museum, Bethesda, MD

    2012 - National Institute of Health Galleries, Bethesda, MD

    2012 - ‘Featured’, The Workhouse Vulcan Gallery, Lorton, VA

    2011 - ‘Views of the Landscape’, Solo Exhibit Kybecca, Fredericksburg, VA

    2010 - ’21 over 31’ Top 50, Southwest Art Magazine

    2010 - ‘AIDP Designer’s Choice’, The Workhouse Vulcan Gallery, Lorton, VA

    2010 - First Place: ‘Uniquely Fredericksburg: Pastel & Drawing’, VA

    2010 - First Place: ‘Feast for the Eyes’, Liberty Town Arts, Fredericksburg, VA

  • 2010 - ‘New Works’, Kybecca, Fredericksburg, VA

    2010 - ‘Art’s Healing Journey’, Mary Washington Hospice, Exhibit Coordinator

    2009 - ‘Best of America Pastel’, Publication

    2009 - ‘Best of Collector’s Showcase’, The Lorton Arts Foundation

    2009 - ‘Shades of Pastel’, MPS National Juried Exhibit, The Mansion at Strathmore, MD

    2009 - ’10,000 People Project’, ArtHouse Gallery, Atlanta, GA

    2009 - Target Gallery, Alexandria, VA

    2009 - ‘New Work Two Women Show’, Bistro Bethem, Fredericksburg, VA

    2009 - ‘Creative Spark’, The Pastel Journal

    2009 - ‘Wildlife’, Irving Arts Association, Irving, TX

    2008 - Best in Show: Bowling Green Fine Art Exhibit, VA

    2008 - Second Place: ‘Child’s Eye View’, Fredericksburg Center for Creative Arts, VA

    2008 - ‘5X5(5)’, Torpedo Factory, Alexandria, VA

    2008 - Canton Merchant Gallery, Manassas, VA

    2008 - ‘Women’s Health Virginia’ Richmond, VA

    2008 - ‘Point of Connection’, Liberty Town Arts, Fredericksburg, VA

    2008 - ‘Anticipating Spring’, Solo Exhibit Fredericksburg Center for Creative Arts